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The journey to Cambutal... | How to Get Here

You know what they say... Half the fun is in the journey. There are several ways of getting to Cambutal, and to help you plan your trip, we will list them below.

The ultimate journey leads to the ultimate stay...

Driving Directions

The easiest way to navigate is to tap "MAP" on the bar right at the bottom of your screen. Once on the map you will see the blue house icon. This is where you are staying. Simply click it and then click "get directions". It will open Google Maps and the end point (where you're staying!) will be filled in. You simply need to type in your starting point. *We highly recommend taking the mountain road from Las Tablas to Tonosi. The alternate route brings you around the coast through Pedasi, but that will add an hour to your trip. The mountain road is in excellent shape and offers amazing views.

Getting Here Without a Car

We understand that some of you will be traveling without a car. There are several options for this!

Option 1: Private transport-available to and from Cambutal, and is by far the most expensive. But you will be able to stop where you like, grocery shop, site see, etc. And the vehicles are very comfortable.

Option 2: By Bus-When arriving at the main entrance of the Albrook Terminal in Panama City, you will find the ticket offices for Las Tablas or Chitre to your right. Each bus costs around $9. If the bus is leaving soon, someone will most likely show to your bus without a ticket, but don't worry! You can pay the conductor later. Someone will also store your larger bags under the bus, but keep your personal items such as your wallet or computer with you. The bus takes 4-4.5 hours depending on your destination, and makes a bathroom/food stop halfway. If you choose to arrive in Chitre, there are many grocery stores to choose from, our favorite is Riba Smith. There is no direct bus from Chitre to Cambutal, but you can find a taxi to take you for about $70.

If you choose to arrive in Las Tablas, you can maybe catch the bus to Cambutal that departs every day at 1:00. You will have to take a short taxi ride to the other bus terminal. This bus is much smaller and makes many stops, but it will get you to Cambutal eventually! Alternatively, you can pay a taxi around $50 to take you directly to Cambutal.

Although it takes more time, traveling by bus is easy and safe in Panama, and favored by locals!

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